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At Universalclipart.com, we provide for all of your free clipart needs. From fourth-grade science projects to flyers for the neighborhood block party, we have just the free graphics for your job. Do you remember that book report you had to do in the third grade? The one with the hand drawings quickly scribbled in the margins? We do, too. (Not yours, but ours.) We remember the kid who sat next to you whose parents had access to all of the cool clipart. Kids like that had the reports made on a laser printer, bound in shiny clear plastic folders, and sparkling with cool graphics. Clip art should never be so far away. In a world that grows increasingly visual, you, your friends, your children, and your neighbors all need the benefit of a helpful graphic to catch attention and stick the message in their memory.

Fast forward with us a few years. We’re at your first party in college, now. Word of mouth worked great—if you wanted the same ten people. The neighboring apartment made flyers and put them up in all the places that they weren’t supposed to and fifty people crashed their place the night after your modest little shindig. What’s the difference between these two stories? They did something to stick in people’s memories. You didn’t. Don’t worry—these things happen! There’s plenty of time to change your ways, and our free clip art is in place to help. Don’t let the next big event in your life pass the world by in lines of black on sheets of white. Find the perfect clip art and make your words sparkle!

Precious Moments
Precious Moments
At Universalclipart.com, some of our free graphics and clip art include:
School and Graduation Clipart: Be it a PhD or a trade school, you deserve some recognition—and you won’t get any without spicing up the announcements and the posters with a bit of visual appeal.
Birthday Graphics: Cakes, candles, gifts, and glitter—every imaginable birthday decoration, pixel-perfect for your clipart needs.
Religious Images: Don’t let your big day go by unknown. Leave the text to your books of scripture and use Universalclipart.com for pictures and more.
Patriotic Clip Art: Celebrate the grand old flag with pictures, graphics, icons, and images galore! Never again leave your patriotic inspiration to the mercy of a few lines of text.
Countless more free graphics and clip art!

We have asked ourselves why we use so much text on a free clip art web site. After giving much thought to the subject, we have only one answer: if you’re still reading this, then you’re the exact person that needs this clip art gallery. Take a break from the text! Relax from the words! Start browsing and we can promise that within five minutes you will laugh, smile, roll your eyes, cry “Eureka!,” and have any other host of positive responses to the graphics that you find. Thousands of words can be left un-typed with the graphics on our pages.
Go on. Break your addiction with words. Find the graphic your project needs. Having just one clipart is priceless—and at Universalclipart.com, clipart comes without price.

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